Marcom Robot: Create Landing Pages at Scale


Marcom Robot allows you to create landing pages with shared forms, branding and building blocks, create high-converting landing pages at scale, run A/B tests, and analyze results to maximize ROI.

With Marcom Robot, you can create high-converting landing pages that don’t require you to code.


Marcom Robot’s Pricing Overview


The Marcom Robot landing page builder is free for those who want to practice their skills in building a landing page, but if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, cost-effective landing page builder to accelerate lead generation, you can sign up for the Essential Plan for $59 per month.

Alternatively, Marcom Robot is offering a limited lifetime deal at Appsumo starting at $79. Find out more about Marcom Robot’s lifetime deal below:

Price starts from:

$59.00 per month

✅  Has a free version
Save 20% when you get an annual plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$79.00 – Single Payment for a Tier 1 Deal

Marcom Robot lifetime deal on Appsumo


Marcom Robot Features and Benefits


👉  Drag-and-drop landing page constructor – Create landing pages effortlessly. No coding knowledge required to get started.

👉  Landing page analytics – Gain full visibility into your landing page performance in one dashboard. Get quick insights to the most imoprtant metrics so you know what you can improve in your landing pages. Track page views, number of visitors, conversions, leads, and more!

👉  Landing Page Design – Save color palettes, font libraries and more so you can create your own custom style guide for your landing pages.

👉  Mobile Responsive pages – Create responsive landing pages that fit within any screen size.

👉  Landing Page A/B Testing – Identify winning patterns, and get more conversions from the same Ad spend.

👉  Unified Branding – Create a scalable landing page system, not just individual landing pages. Stick your company’s brand to all of your landing pages to increase recognizability for your visitors/audience.

👉  Email validation and lead enrichment – Instantly verify email addresses of your leads, and send more data to sales.

👉  Landing page builder alternative – Superior alternative to other landing page builders.



Who is Marcom Robot For?


Marcom Robot’s Landing Page builder is designed for digital marketers and lead generators looking to create landing pages that maximize ROI.


Marcom Robot Alternatives



User Reviews for Marcom Robot


Big landing page tool at a small price


I don’t create a ton of landing pages, so I can’t judge on whether this tool fits large enterprises, or not. But… as far as my specific use case (~50-100) landing pages, this works great. I have been their customer for another product (Prospecting Engine) and got an email about this deal yesterday. The coolest thing about this landing page builder is the way they’ve built the forms. I don’t have to create a new form each time I create a landing page. I have my own form library from where I’m pulling the form that I need. Not sure if this makes sense to all of you out there. In a nutshell, it helps me make pages quicker.

by alexv | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Good product, GREAT support, quick progress


I was running my stuff on the free plan for a while. I almost saw this product evolving — they are making fast progress. Three months ago and now is like night and day. The support team (Alex and crew) are fabulous. They’re gonna be big, no doubt.

by Voldemar | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Ales Gut! Nice deal. Cool vendor.


I’ve used their other tool called data enrichment engine. Still using it to date. The support’s been great. With this deal I’m finally switching from Unbounce to those guys. The builder is spectacular. Great to be part of this community. Have a good one, everyone!

by V-DimaSvazhas |From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐


An Excellent Landing Page Builder With Awesome Limits


So I am one of the people who full stacked MarcomRobot back when it was on marketplace. I thought the 90k traffic limit was decent for the price (My Landingi code was for 50k views and people love it) so 90k was great. Now I have 1million views? Like wow.


Anyways the landing page builder is solid. I waited a while to leave a review because I had not had the time to really work on building a page. Well after spending about 2 days inside the tool here are my thoughts.




✅   Limits are clearly awesome


✅   The backend is smooth and is mostly intuitive. Things seems to work well.


✅   The current templates are get places to start. I am NOT a designer, not even a bad one lol, so this helps me immensely.


✅   I really like the branding features where we can have forms, color palettes, etc. that we can have on X# of pages, and then when we change them it changes across all the pages as well. For forms that is a MASSIVE help.


✅   Support has been good. I emailed a few times and usually have gotten a fast response, and always got a response (one was a holiday weekend so it was like 3 days lol). They even responded to an inquiry the day the Select deal went live.


✅   Overall this is a full featured builder and it has improved since I bought it almost 2 months ago.


All that is before we discuss the bump up in my limits lol. I have seen some people hate in the questions so lets do some math. 1m views/month=33,333 views per day in a 30-day month. If you are running paid traffic and ONLY paying $0.25/click then you are running $8,333.25/day in paid traffic, or $249,997.50/month in paid. I mean sure, a few of you are doing this, but it is not the ones asking that question lol. These limits, even on tier 1 are excellent.




❌   They could use more images in the gallery. Like icons for all the socials and stuff. But from my understanding that is on the roadmap so like everything else they have said would happen, I assume it will happen as well.


❌   I have one more con but I will put it in the PS section as it is not Marcom specific but far too many LTD’s in general.


That is it really. I have not driven 32 bagillion views to a page or anything yet but everything I have used has been quality and the overall deal seem very generous with features and the limits. If you need a landing page builder then you should at least take this one for a spin cause it seems like a very nice one.


P.S.-message for founders in general-Be visible online. IDK why but I really like being able to find people online before I buy. I guess it is an element of trust. But with like 70% of deals on here the people are relatively hidden. I am working on this with my business right now, but a lot of deals that come across Sumo could use this as well. So this is not a Marcom issue specifically, but it is one of the only issues.


by MacroDave | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Marcom Robotot looks promising at first glance.


With the landing page builder, you can drag elements back and forth freely, which is very easy, especially for beginners. The backend is very clear.


Unfortunately, the landing page builder kept getting stuck for me, and I’m missing some simple elements such as a line. If you currently want to have a line on your landing page, you have to import it as an image – that’s extremely inelegant! The same goes for any kind of icons.


The included option to create forms is very simple but with too few options in my opinion. Here you definitely need an external tool for creating forms, which i dont like.


If I want to have a landing page builder like this, I would currently prefer Wishpond because of the more diverse possibilities, although Marcom Robot looks nicer from a purely visual point of view, but that’s ultimately not what matters.

by Jan_L | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐

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