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Read In-Depth SaaS Reviews of Software Lifetime Deals from Appsumo & Others!

Some lifetime deals are great, others aren’t. I test them rigorously and share with you their pros & cons and whether they’re worth your money.

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There are dozens of lifetime deals being launched every week. Check here to find the latest and hottest deals!

Learn and grow in an exclusive community for software lifetime deal fans! 💼

With over 1,000+ posts & 40,000+ comments every month, 168官网开奖号码查询-澳洲幸运5/8/10体育彩票官方网站 with various discussions & polls for lifetime deals, this is the best place for you to research, ask questions, and stay up-to-date with lifetime deals.


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Ken Moo’s Lifeime SaaS community is closed group of SaaS founders, Digital Marketers and Businessmen and LTD users. I have been a fan of this community where you get to interact with SaaS founders, LTD users and their unbiased opinions.


by Amit Wadhwa

Ken Moo’s Facebook Group on LTD is a great place to be informed of all the new SAAS LTDs that are new in town (or come back for another round) ! Really appreciate this great community! You can also, if you are lucky, win some nice LTD giveaway.


by François Houte

Ken Moo’s SaaS Lifetime Deals FB Group is one of the best in the LTD space, Ken also has a great team, I won some apps worth $49 to $59. Become a member of Ken’s group if you also want to stay updated on the latest SaaS Lifetime Deals.


by Carl Angelo T.

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